The Notice of Race has now been published for the 2013 European Championships to be hosted in Eilat, Israel, at the home of so much associated with Israeli windsurfing.[more]

Eilat is a unique city in Israel: its remoteness, its location and boundaries of many countries (borders of Egypt, Jordan and Saudi Arabia), the very hot desert climate, the wonderful Red Sea and finally closing around Eilat mountains, provide great advantages that enable it to be perfect freedom city.

For many years, Eilat stands out as one of the leading tourist city in Israel. Eilat is also appealing to Israeli tourists who make their holidays in the city and many tourists from abroad.

Eilat has large Variety of hotels, excellent restaurants and pleasant variety of attractions and amusements for those who visit Eilat.

Eilat city web site allows those who love the city, tourists and residents to get the latest information:

Check out the promo video of the city

Sailing Club Eilat sports education center gives youth groups and adults sea lessons.

Sailing Club Eilat is the largest of its kind in the country. The classes taught include: windsurfing, kayaking, catamaran, sailboats and more.

Eilat Sailing Club was established to allow Eilat’s residents of all ages cruise experience of various types and even to become real professionals. Over the years, Eilat Sailing Club produced outstanding athletes such as world medal winners: Shachar Tsuberi – Israeli champion and Olympic medalist and Shir Avni – Israel’s deputy women’s surfing Olympic champion.

Equipment Charter. Bic Sport are supporting this championship with a substantial number of charter boards and rigs. Full details of the service will be posted soon – meantime, get your applications in now

Notice of Race

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