A tense day with teasing winds kept the competitors on standby throughout day three. A few attemps were made to start with the first round of the single elimination but the conditions never really improved. [more]A kite exhibition took place followed by another round of Tow in freestyles show by the Pro guest riders. Tonight is the official start of the summer “La fete de la Music” Let see what tomorrow brings . . .

 A quiet morning on the second day of the 2013 IFCA Freestyle Junior World Championship @ Sosh Freestyle Cup. The skippers meeting was held during lunch time and the tow-in was scheduled for the afternoon. [more]

The kids got the day off because of the lack of wind. They had the opportunity to go kayaking or stand up paddle boarding and had some fun playing on the water.

At 14:00 a spectacular tow-in show started with guest pro riders; Nicolas Akgazciyan (Montpellier), Jordan Ema (Toulouse), Julien Mas (Grenoble) and Mattia Fabrici (Italy). The enthusiastic audience helped out with ranking the moves performed by the riders such as burners, air funnels and kulo’s.

The Life stream gang and the tv crew were on the beach and in boats, while a small crowd gathered on the beach to watch the action.

Read About the New Kid on the Block “Sam Esteve”.

17 Year old Sam is from St.Marie-La Mer and learned windsurfing ten years ago. He is actually attending his first big event right here at the 2013 IFCA Freestyle Junior World Championship at the Sosh Freestyle Cup.

His idol in windsurfing is Kiri Thode and is looking forward to sail together with him one day. His favorite gear at the moment is Gaastra Sails and Tabou Boards.

At the moment he is sponsored by Surf One, located in Leucate and his plans are to continue competing in the freestyle windsurfing discipline.

You can follow him HERE

Tonight a group dinner is scheduled for all the competitors, the forecasts for tomorrow looks a bit better then today’s. Skippers meeting is scheduled for 10:00 sharp.

A slightly cloudy day on the first competition day with a nice side of shore wind. The competitors prepared their gear and somemanaged a morning try out session to get a hang of the conditions.

The first skippers meeting was held at 13:00 shortly after all registrations were finalised. This year a small group of Juniors signed up to battle it out for the IFCA Freestyle Junior World Championship at the Sosh Freestyle Cup.

In the spotlight today is Esteve Sam, a newcomer this year from France. You will hear more from him after his exclusive scheduled interview with the press tomorrow.

The competition was scheduled to start at 14:00 but, the winds quickly dropped down making it difficult to actually run an official Freestyle competition. Only a few heats were sailed but unfortunately they got canceled due to the unstable wind conditions. After a while the Race director canceled the entire session and riders were released for that day.

The forecast for tomorrow looks very light, but a great tow in show is scheduled with some cool guest pro riders.

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IFCA/Ruben Petrisie / pics by Lucy Zuiderwijk