127 competitors representing 26 nations, 3 continents, including some top names are on the starting grid in Viganj, Croatia. 

2012 Champion Ross Williams said, “this place is perfect for formula with a good consistent wind in the afternoon. It’s close to the shore for those watching and I’m looking forward to some good competitive races. [more]The sun is shining and if the wind blows we should have a lot of fun.”  Of his rivals, he said, “They are going to be gunning for me so I’m just not going to focus on the other guys, there are many that can challenge for the title. I’m going to aim for consistency with good results and clean starts.”

Competitors were split into blue and yellow groups for the first day of racing with the aim to complete a 4 race qualifying series to determine the gold and silver groups.  The first possible start would be early afternoon so it was a relaxing morning waiting for the thermal breeze to kick in from the north. 

The wind gods were a little late as it was mid afternoon when competitors were able to start rigging sails with 12 knots blowing.  This meant just three races were completed:

Race 1 group yellow top 5: 1. Casper Bouman (NED), 2. Janis Preiss (LAT), 3. Michael Polankwski (POL), 4. Miguel Martinho (POR), 5. Hubert Mokrzycki (POL)

Race 1 group blue top 5: 1. Gonzalo Costa Hoevel (ARG), 2. Sebastian Koerdel (GER), 3. Stephen Allen (AUS), 4. Arnon Dagan (ISR), 5. Martin Ervin (EST)

Race 2 group yellow top 5: 1. Casper Bouman (NED), 2. Michael Polanowski (POL), 3. Janis Preiss (LAT), 4. Ross Williams (GBR), 5. Miguel Martinho (POR)

Tomorrow’s start is scheduled at 12.00 with the blue group to go first.

The Formula World Championships represents the high end of windsurf racing on all points of sailing – upwind, downwind, crosswind – using the best high-tec equipment available on the market.

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