Something for everyone on day 1. After a thunderstorm during the night, the day dawned grey, damp and a little bit cold but by the end it turned out to be a beautiful day in Sopot. Conditions started light with 6 to 8 knots but ramped up to 12-14 knots with gusts up to 20 plus knots[more] – ideal for the heavy weather specialists but the gusts also caught many unwares leading to spectacular crashes. However, all fleets sailed three races so everybody was happy and it was a great start to this World Championship.

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It’s Like Bread . . . We Love It!!

The beach is packed with competitors and spectators enjoying the warm July sunshine. The Techno Class is honoured to have the presence of ISAF President, Carlo Croce, who said, “this is amazing given the current economic situation”.

“I have a feeling that sailing is in a boom, tv coverage of the Olympic Games was a big help. The International Olympic Committee wants universality. Classes like Techno that have large numbers . . . it’s like bread, we love it!!” Techno is probably one of the fastest growing classes. ISAF has a simple new mission to help nations that have nothing to start from scratch rather than concentrating on top athletes and judges, and Techno 293 will help with this.

Carlo Croce has enjoyed talking to many kids. He urges them, “I hope you do well but you are here to have fun. If you don’t win this time you may do it next time. You are here to make friends, have fun and enjoy sailing and if you win, all the better.”

Jacek Karnowski, Mayor of Sopot, gave competitors a warm welcome and hoped the wind would come. It was certainly absent from the practice race but this has not dulled the enthusiasm and anticipation of a great championship.

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U15 Boys / U15 girls / U17 Boys / U17 girls / Techno 293 Plus