After six races qualifying for the finals of the World Cup Techno293 Ergo Hestia Cup, competitors in the U17 boys and girls and U15 boys have now been divided into two final fleets- gold and silver – for the rest of the championship. [more]

At the end of day three all the boys and girls fleets have competed eight races, and the T293plus nine races. After the wind and waves of the day before today was very calm. That’s really good, because not all players are accustomed to such strong conditions. “In India, it is usually constant wind blowing about 13 knots. Yesterday’s weather conditions really surprised us”- says the coach of India.

Israeli Elemeleh Ofek (18 points) is a candidate to be World Champion 2013. The battle between him and French Oel Pouliquen is really exciting. From the beginning of the competition it has just been the two of them securing a permanent place on the podium. But today Argentinean Saubidet Birkner Francisco joined them showing excellent form.

In the u15 boys the situation is unchanged. The boys leader remains Yoaf Cohen from Israel with a score of 10 points after eight races.

Russian Elfutina Stefania did not give a chance to her rivals, and with score of 10 points is first among girls u17. Unfortunately Ma Kwan Ching from Hong-Kong fell today. She was the leader of the first day of the race, and just yesterday occupied the second position.

Three girls u15 unchanged. Italian Georgia Specials took a second and first today and thus kept the lead with 13 points.

“We came here to gain experience and have fun. Today it is just great!” said the German coach. “The place is beautiful. And people are helpful and friendly,”added the coach from India. “Great organization, great place and preparation for the championship. But we have better weather- we are from Greece! “- joked the Greek’s coach. In such an atmosphere, the organizers decided to organize for the first time in history a race for … coaches!

They sailed in the afternoon. And the winner was coach of Hong Kong.

Video Day Three

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