Massive storm approaches Tasmania. The Southern Ocean has woken up with wind forecast maps showing massive purple patches suitable for the most-challenging windsurfing contest of all time. The six participating sailors have journeyed to Tasmania in the hunt for a giant storm approaching from the Great Southern Ocean. [more]Choosing the island state’s far North West coastline near Marrawah – often called the edge of the world – Mission #2 of the Red Bull Storm Chase could start as soon as first light tomorrow morning Sunday, 18th August.

The spot: Marrawah, Tasmania – Tasmania lies right in the ‘Roaring Forties’ corridor and is in prime position to collide with the fiercest Southern Hemisphere weather systems. Boasting the highest wind statistics in Australia, the island state’s coast is wild and often receives surf in the 15-metre region, while around the Marrawah region of the North West coast, storm-force winds up to and exceeding 70 knots are commonplace.

Two spots could suit the forecast for wind orientation, Temma and ‘Back of Lighthouse’, near West Point, both reef breaks being capable of holding huge swells and giving good options for the likely wind direction.

Average Temperatures: Air (Aug-Nov): 12oC, Water (Aug-Nov): 12oC

The Athletes:

Six windsurfers will compete in Mission #2: Marcilio Browne (BRA), Daniel Bruch (GER), Victor Fernandez Lopez (ESP), Julien Taboulet (FRA), and Thomas Traversa (FRA). Due to injury, Leon Jamaer (GER) will replace Robby Swift (GBR).

Four of the six athletes on Mission #2 will qualify for the third and final mission to crown the victorious Red Bull Storm Chase Champion of 2013.


Real-time mission reports from the sailors and crew members, latest information and stunning images from the Mission will be posted at