September is the Hagim (holidays) month in Israel: the Jewish new year start, Rosh Hashana, Sukot week and between them Yom Kipur, the most holy Jewish fast day. During these holidays, Eilat, in the very south of Israel, becomes the centre for many citizens, as it is the ultimate Israeli vacation resort.[more]

Weather is still hot, very hot this year, although it is also the beginning of the autumn . . . not in Eilat. The Gulf of Eilat, and its water attractions, provide a cooling and relaxing effect. Weather in the north of Israel is only a bit cooler, still quite hot. Clouds are rarely seen. Even the clouds created by recent political events have vanished, the press have moved on in search of different news stories.

Any new political clouds will need long months of preparation through negotiation between international organizations, far removed from the daily lives of Israel’s citizens. The only clouds we are expecting and waiting for in Israel now are the ones that bring the rain with them! These are not expected before October, actually much later . . again, in the north and centre of Israel – not in Eilat.

So, let us have a good Windsurfing Competition in Eilat.

This is the place and time of year for all of us – including you! – to join the ones already registered.

We are looking forward to meeting you on the sea in the 2013 Bic Techno 293 European Championship!

Ronnie and team at the Eilat Sailing Centre