With such a mix of winds the PWA DAM7 Festival provided the perfect conditions for all disciplines of freestyle to take place. During the event we managed to find a few hours where the winds were calm and the chop was on the smaller side, this allowed the EFPT to run the tow-in qualifiers, and then on the Friday night, the tow-in final.[more]

During the qualifiers we had many highlight moves including the double spock combo from Adam Sims as well as skopus, huge air flaka shakas and triple funnells. On the night of the finals, the moves were again similar but pushed even higher, flaka shakas completely one handed by the likes of Antony Ruenes, funnell into huge air funnell by Kiri Thode, air funnell into burner cana brava by Gollito Estredo to name just a few.

As our tour sponsor Different Eyewear offered up a pair of sunglasses for the most ‘different’ rider, someone who stood out from the crowd because of an act that was perhaps a little out of the norm. In the end Choco Frans received this honour for the most outstanding crash in the tow-in qualifying round number 2, which left everyone momentarily silent as they awaited to see his hand give the ok, it came up and with it a lot of cheers from the crowd. Choco, brother of Taty and Tonky Frans, was super stoked when he heard about his prize and immediately showed off with his new Different glasses.

We had a great time at the DAM7 Festival in Holland and congratulate all the organizers on such a fine first event. We can’t wait to return there next year to bring the tow-in to the international stage.

Next stop for our European freestylers – European Freestyle Expression – Six Fours les Plages, stay tuned.