On the 3rd day the conditions were too light to continue with competitions. The competitors got involved with some of the activities such as a soccer game and ping pong matches while the skate boarding trials took place inside the event tent. [more]The wind did not improve and the competitors were released for that day.

Day 4 – The Double Elimination started with shaking threes from the Hugo, a cloudy sky and wind that was blowing from the opposite direction. After the skippers meeting was held, the double eliminations for the Youths, Juniors and Pro Kids could finally continue on the last day of the event. The wind was up and down and gusty, the competition area had to be displaced so competitors could make better use of the conditions.

Youths U20 Double elimination Highlights: We saw great performances from Riccardo Marca and Francesco Cappuzzo who battled it out for the 5th position. Cappuzzo did great for the light wind conditions showing more technical skills than his opponent until he met with Mattijs Lasore who added more style to his routine while Capuzzo failed to accomplish some of his high scoring tricks, leaving him stuck in fourth. Mattijs advances and faces Giovanni Passani in the battle for third. A great heat was sailed for both competitors but Mr Passani had a few new school tricks and a more powerful rotation then Mattijs who had a bit of difficulties with the gusty winds.

Youth Final round was once again sailed between Giovanni Passani and Steven Max who won the single elimination on the second day. The battle was a close one with great tricks, but Passani showed more style and varietyand scored higher because of a better overall impression. The competitors had to face each other once more in the “super final” to be able to claim victory. Steven Max performed well but failed to accomplish a few higher scoring tricks against the style and variety of Giovanni Passani.

Junior U17 Double elimination Highlights: A battle between Mattijs Lasore and Michiel de Cooman who already won 3 previous heats with a combination of technical and a great variety of tricks on both tacks.

Michiel advances and sailed against David Schiebel in the battle for third. David his overall impression was to weak against the combination of tricks of Michiel. Junior Final was sailed between Steven Max and Michiel de Cooman who already sailed and won 5 heats in a row. Michiel was apparently having a great time on the water the whole day with a nice routine that includes a few surprising tricks the judges did not seen from him during the other heats. Steven Max had great tricks but unfortunately it was not enough against the amount of tricks of Michield de Cooman. Both competitors had to face each other once more in the “super final” to be able to claim victory. Michiel kept performing well with the most tricks pulled of in a 7 minute heat that day on both tacks in the super final.

Pro kids U15 Double elimination Highlights: Croatian Windsurf star 11 Year old Tvrtko Ljutic stole the show with his competitive attitude and a great overall impression performance. Tvrtko faced Mats Moyson in the battle in third and got stuck in third. The Pro kids Final was sailed between Mats Moyson and Nicolo Tagliafico who performed well enough to claim his victory right away. Mats could not get his flow of tricks going this time and scored less on the overall impression.

Pro kids U13 event sail off: The coolest battle of the event was between the coolest kids on the scene. Louis Provoost from Belgium, Jan Malej from Sloveja and of course the Croatian windsurf Star Tvrtko Ljutic. All of them performed a routine of sail flips, heli tacks, upwind 360’s, board 360, nose ride, backwind sailing and clue firt heli tacks. The winner was the local star who showed a better overall impression with his fearless and competitive attitude in front of the judges.

The last sound signal was made and the wind was gone, most competitors started packing. Awards ceremony took place a few hours after in the event tent. We had 3 short days of wind, 1 day of activities, interviews and great freestyle competitions.


Thanks to the Public Institution of Kamenjak, the Tourism Board of Medulin and the BURA sport association team for a great event.

IFCA/ Class Rep Ruben Petrisie
Images: Hana Dutina