All change after another four races make six in total and the first discard comes into play.  At the top of the leaderboard Paulo dos Reis is now the one to watch!  [more]He now has less than half the points of his nearest rival, Pablo Ania Barrachina, after today’s two bullets and two second places.  Just two points behind Pablo is Nahoel Abram (ARG-1) occupying the third podium spot.

Last night’s leader, Argentinian Martin Miguel Berardo, has been kicked off the podium into fourth place overall.  Gonzo Hoevel repeated his OCS mistake of the day before in race 3 so he wallows in 14th overall despite his fourth, first and second in the other races.

Two youths have overtaken Alessio Botteri and Brazilian Leonardo Venturini Filho is now First Youth, Luis Souza has claimed first Grand Master spot but Brenno Francioli from Brazil is holding on to his first Junior position.

Competitors are thoroughly enjoying the warm friendly atmosphere with musical entertainment, delicious food and great facilities.

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Video from Day One

2 races on day 1 (11/14/2013) with winds ranging between 9 and 15 knots. “Gonzo” Costa Hoevel (ARG-3) took the first bullet of the competition [more]beating fellow Argentinian Martin Miguel Berardo over the finish line.  He was followed by hotshot Brazilian Master Paulo dos Reis then Nahoel Abram (ARG-1) with Spaniard Pablo Ania Barrachina in fifth.

Gonzo is really going to regret his OCS in Race 2 as he disappeared down the ranking.  Martin Miguel Berardo became the overnight leader as he was first over the finish line in race 2 with Paulo dos Reis in second and Pablo Ania Barrachina in third reflecting their positions on the overall leaderboard.

First youth at the moment is Peruvian Alessio Botteri, first Grandmaster Brazilian Roberto Esteves Lima and first Junior, Brenno Francioli from Brazil is putting in a creditable performance, 19th overall out of 65 competitors – not bad!

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Video from Day 0