Red Bull Storm Chase touched-down in Cornwall, U.K., for the third and final Mission – and the most radical action seen to-date.

Four finalists remained after successful missions to Ireland and Tasmania, Australia – Marcilio Browne (BRA), Dany Bruch (GER), Leon Jamaer (GER) and Thomas Traversa (FRA) [more] .

For the final mission, England’s West Country supplied near Hurricane-force wind and 10- metre waves that fully tested the world’s best windsurfers, including the current World Champion, Marcilio Browne. After summoning the entrants from their training bases in South Africa, Hawai’i and the Canary islands, five rounds were run over February 8/9th at two gnarly locations in St. Ives Bay.

After these five rounds of epic competition, Frenchman Thomas Traversa was crowned as the ultimate storm windsurfer and Red Bull Storm Chase champion.

Marcilio Browne (BRA) secured the runner-up spot, with Leon Jamaer (GER) in third place and Dany Bruch (GER) in fourth position.

Red Bull Storm Chase has delivered a new era of windsurfing performance. Previously, nobody thought it was possible to even sail in the strength of storm-force winds that each mission delivered. But after seeing just how radical the world’s best sailors are, how high they could jump – and the quality and style of the waveriding on display, a new standard has been set. Neither cold water, wind in excess of 70 knots or giant, bone-crunching swell has deterred any of the superhero sailors on each mission.

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