After four days the Campofrio Alqueva 2014 comes to an end. This was one of the best championships that we have had in Portugal.  We had everything – wind, fun, security, fantastic sightseeing, good food, the course very near to the restaurant so a good view of the event for everyone and much, much more.[more]

We had 37 entries from 6 countries (Portugal, Spain, France, Italy, Lituania and Estonia) and we were delighted to have a complete range of ability, from the top World Class sailors (Valentin, Marco Begalli and Miguel Martinho) to some guys taking part in their first formula racing event. This is what is so good about Alqueva – the conditions are good for any level of windsurfer, and not only the top guys. Formula Windsurfing was made for everyone, and if the events are held in these kind of places it should be very easy to attract lots of people to the sport.

For this event we had very good press coverage, from websites, Facebook, newspapers, magazines, and lots of people are talking about this first event of the year in Europe.  I think this place has fantastic conditions to have big international events.

Over the 4 days we had almost every wind on the race course, between 30 knots to 10 knots, the schedule forecast was 15 races, and we made 13, which is very good. In the first two days we had very strong winds, with lots of gusts between 16 knots to almost 30.  These were very difficult conditions for everyone so for the first day we only made two races; also because we started the races late, to see if the wind would become more constant and lower the intensity.

The second day was almost the same, strong winds with gusts but we made 4 races, two race back to back then another 2 races back to back. The conditions were so good that we scheduled a 45 min rest between the second and the third race, which was good for everyone to eat and relax.

The third and the fourth day was less windy during the races.  The third day started with lots of wind, but as it was with lots of gusts, and shifty, the Jury preferred to wait a little.  This was a fantastic decision, the wind became a little less and more constant, so we made 4 races.

In the last and final day, the wind was very light, but everyone competed, and we made 3 races in the last day.

The overall championship was won by Miguel Martinho, in 13 races he won 10 -fantastic Miguel, starting the season well.

Many thanks to all the competitors that come to our event, beginning with the Portuguese – our Formula Windsurfing fleets are starting to grow with 20 Portuguese competing in this event.  And also a big thanks to the foreign competitors who came to participate in our event.


Next year we will have the same event again.  We are starting to prepare everything to be a better than this year. The event will take place in the beginning of April 2015.

See you soon, Vasco Chaveca

Final Results

movie of the event

official pictures of the event