This year, 20 riders (max per week) will fight to break National & World Records. It will further push performance limits.  Like in previous years, Research & Development of the canal continues to improve year on year due to relevant feedback from competitors and maximizing the canal’s conditions. The result? Faster speeds in less wind![more]

The spirit of this unique event is to share, learn and compete in a Community. This country is exactly the area where this atmosphere is largely felt everywhere. Performance & Collectivity is our aim.

The adventure is experienced on all fronts.

Lüderitz and Namibia has become a place which has revolutionized our sport. It has inspired the speed industry all over the World and has pushed other events and grown the interest in our sport in general.

Each year, our Community of speed riders with Legends and numerous Record Holders promote the sport and share their passion and skills with the local children. In this wonderful and unique union, event after annual event, a special relationship has formed joining two very different worlds.

We are convinced that the 2014 Event will be equally if not more exciting and exhilerating than previous Luderitz Speed Challenge Events.

06 October to 02 November!

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