Twenty-five kilometers off the coast of Cairns, in the tropical North of Australia lies a tiny patch of rock jutting out of the Coral Sea. Sized 600 meters x 300 meters, the pier is nearly longer than the island. Google it. A mere speck from space. Space isn’t the best way to experience it though, as the conditions at sea level are, well, far more “heavenly” if you’re in seeking a perfect winter windsurf environment.[more]

And speaking environmentally, going “green” is all the go these days. So, while the rest of Australia shivered into winter under windless grey skies, Australia’s top windsurfers saved their power bills and headed North, all go for Green Island. The 2014 Australian Slalom, Freerace and Freestyle Championships. Once again, strong trades over reef protected waters and tropical temperatures welcomed quality teams from all over Australia and Tasmania. What an event.

Five amazing days of competition in surreal conditions every day; almost unbelievable in windsurf competition history. Green Island’s winter trade winds turned it on again and the enthusiasm and stoke from the event was electric. An unlikely or even impossible venue? Certainly. But why not? Born from a dream, sailing idyllic conditions outside of Arlington, last year’s inaugural event threw up some of the most iconic pictures in a long while. Now “GreenIslandNats” is rapidly establishing itself as “the” event on the Aussie Windsurf Calendar.

Held inside a remote and heavily protected World Heritage area, this isn’t a roll up start. Starboard has a direct relationship with Green Island and is fully involved as event sponsor and facilitator. Our gift back to the sport, with a bit of personal contribution from many.

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For the full report on the 2014 Green Island Nationals, simply head over to the official website and check out the daily reports, detailed rankings and all of the sick action shots . . . Until next year!

– Photos by Billy Craig –
– Text by Ian Fox –