The morning of day 1 for racing was calm in the event village at the Bic T293 Worlds in Brest: the wind was almost zero.  Eventually the races were launched in the afternoon, but in a weak and unstable wind. [more]
Following the briefing, it was agreed to postpone until  14:00 hours. However it was not until 15:00 hours that the first racers were called out to the race areas.  The strength and direction of the wind did not allow the 400 racers to complete the first race easily. The wind was varying in direction during the afternoon, and the three race committees attempted many starts. The three groups (Orange, White and Yellow) were only able to complete their first race late in the day: despite the onset of difficult conditions, the Race Committee was able to validate this first day of competition with one race.

Of the 400 registered competitors, one hundred and twenty French will try to properly represent their country on the prize giving podium. “They come from all corners of France,” said Valerie Boutet-Massonneau declaring the French the best: “I lead a group of eight young girls who come from Poitou-Charentes, Languedoc Roussillon, South Pas-de-Calais and Brittany. The strongest is Lucie Pianazza. She will represent France at the Olympic Youth Games in August. She comes from the League of Poitou-Charentes and is in the youth division (under 17). I organize meetings throughout the year. We are satisfied with the female dynamic. If in Britain the number of practitioners is the most important when we look at the performance of athletes, we see that the best are based in cities where training centers provide the best qualities: in Britain, but also in regions of Marseille, La Rochelle, Montpellier we have very good competitors,” said the Brest coach.
Adrien, 13, comes from the Nord Pas de Calais.  “I’m here with my team to participate in the competition and try to get a good result. I’m in the Junior category  (under 15). I had good results recently so I hope to continue like this.  I’ve been to Brest for internships and I quite like the city, the water I like but the wind is not very stable and I’m afraid that we miss races… “. The truth always comes out of the mouth of babes . . .

If the Nord-Pas-de-Calais is well represented with its group of 7 windsurfers, the South is no less –  coach Xavier Mariani from Marseille brought 7 racers to Brest: “The Brest weather is not the same as Marseille,” said the coach watching the water. “Here, there chop, currents . . . but the wind directions and low coefficients of this week should not penalize foreigners who are not used to this style of navigation. I love this water but what I like most in Brest are the pancakes!”

Marie-Claire and all the volunteers are happy to give their time to the event: “We’re used to working together on such events and it’s always nice  because the atmosphere is great: everyone is polite and respectful. The chocolate crepes seem to be the favourite! In the meantime the wind is in the game, runners eat a lot, taking strength in accordance with local traditions.” 

RESULTS after 1: 

BOYS u17 / BOYS u15 / T293+ Men
GIRLS u17 / GIRLS u15 / T293+ Women

Day One Video

Photo Album by Patrik Pollak