This 2014 edition of the Tour Duf’ Windsurf and Paddle will remain in memory, not only because it assembled an impressive number of participants, but also thanks to the outstanding weather conditions and the good atmosphere. [more]No less than 134 racers participated in at least one stage of this 24th edition, with an average of 100 racers present every day. Such a success in participation hasn’t been reached since the years 2005 and 2006. This must be part due to the many organisers who also took part in the festivities, animations, meals, and of course supercharged atmosphere that has brought finisterian windsurfing spots to life this past week.

“This year’s Tour Duf’ was a great vintage, it was a pleasant surprise to have as many as 130 participants on the whole of the Tour, and at least 100 permanent participants. The Stand Up Paddle is also starting to catch on. As organisers, we are very happy to have a Tour Duf’ that renews with the number of competitors it had at the “grande epoque”. We were also lucky to have exceptional weather conditions, which allowed the racers to take part in a great number of races and have a great deal of fun during these 6 days. The atmosphere was typical of the Tour, relaxed, festive and friendly” said Christophe Boutet, the race’s manager.

The Tour Duf’ 2014 by numbers:
– A total of 134 racers on the whole of the race
– An average of 100 competitors per stage
– An 32% increase in participation compared to 2013
– 200 participants at the Bic Sport SUP morning activities (total of the week)
– 4 countries represented: France, Belgium, Latvia and Mexico
– 11 foreign racers present
– Almost 200 people made up the Tour’s “caravan”
– 400 lunch, diner and breakfast baskets served by the organisers during the week
– 40 bread “baguettes” a day
– 5 160-person dinners served by the organisers
– 68 sessions on rented RS:One windsurf boards

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