An earlier start than day one but the same late finish led to a long day for all racers. At the skippers meeting the Race Officer confirmed the intention of following the same course as day 1 with 2 races back to back followed by a further 2 races back to back after a rest ashore.  Fleet 1 including youth and women were to race on the outer loop and fleet 2 (seniors/masters) on the inner, bigger, loop.[more]

The wind was shiftier and gustier than the day before, testing both the Race Committee and the competitors.  4 races for the youth and women were completed by the end of the day but only 3 races were possible for the masters and seniors. Mid way through the first race of the day for masters the wind conditions were so variable the Race Officer abandoned the race.  The delayed restart meant they were playing “catch-up” throughout the day.

Current World Champion, Janis Preiss from Latvia, had a perfect day recording 3 first places. The following pack of potential podium places all recorded variable results.

Local hero Miguel Martinho made it off his sick bed to record 2 seconds and a third after missing yesterday’s racing. He will be hoping for a minimum of 11 races to allow him to discard day 1!

In the grandmaster division Arvydas Moliusis from Lithuania maintained a consistent set of results to keep ahead of Brasilian rival Ricardo Conde.
In the youth division 3 first places for Tristen Kivi from Estonia ensured he kept ahead of his rival Karl-Erik Saarm, extending his lead to 4 points.  Martin Hovda from Norway had a good day and moved up from 5th to 3rd overall, now just two points behind Saarm.

Youngest, and by far the lightest, competitor from Norway, Helle Oppedal, continues to impress by finishing all but one of her races, despite some challenging conditions.
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