The future seems upon us and after ourselves in San Diego witnessing first hand the power of foiling technology in the kite arena, it was only a matter of time before Foiling windsurfing made a true debut to the market.  [more]

The popularity of competitive sailing has increased dramatically in the eyes of the public when the America’s Cup boats were capable of foiling and sailing sometimes even close to double the wind reaching speeds of 44.57kts (55mph) as was the case in 2013 by the Emirates New Zealand team. 

Perhaps the future salvation of our ailing sport is to have a few of us out on mission bay, cruising effortlessly a few feet above the water at blazing speeds exciting the public into wanting to try it themselves.  Also, the advent of efficient foiling technology can possibly bring down the minimum wind requirements while reducing sail size that is necessary to get planing. 

Would San Diego Formula Windsurfer like to reduce their sail quiver down to the 6-8m range making their 10’s and 12’s obsolete?


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