After five competition days the Summer Opening presented by Multivan came to an end this Sunday. The final day brought even harder conditions with it than the day before. With waves up to four meters it was impossible for the race crew to get the boats out on the water. [more]Therefore, a waveriding supersession sponsored by Sony (without official scoring) was started instead of another slalom elimination.  Youngster Jan-Moritz Bochnia impressed the judges the most with a spectacular Backloop and was rewarded with a brand new Sony Xperia Z3.

The organisers of the event were very pleased with one complete double elimination in the discipline Waveriding, two Formula Windsurfing races and three complete Slalom eliminations.

“We were able to race all three disciplines. This hasn’t happened in years!  Sylt showed everyone its windy side once more this time of the year. My wish for next year is some degrees more in temperature so that the personal feeling does fit together with the event’s title “Summer Opening,” said Matthias Regber, Choppy Water Event Management.

Tens of thousands of spectators enjoyed the competitions offshore and the atmosphere at the promenade. 58 competitors from nine different countries were in evidence for the significant event that was endowed with 10,000.00 Euro total prize money.

The North Sea offered, from the first competition day onwards, perfect weather conditions for the surfers. With force seven winds and waves up to two meters high the conditions pushed the competitors to their limits. The single waveriding elimination was clearly dominated by Leon Jamaer (GER-208). His rides and spectacular jumps impressed the spectators and the judges. Within the following double elimination Klaas Voget (GER-4) from Hamburg an incredible pursuit race. The two favorites Voget and Jamaer met one another in the final where they showed all their potential on the rough North Sea. At the end of the heat Leon Jamaer was the lucky winner of the double elimination as well. Worldcup professional Klaas Voget reached second place followed by Max Droege (GER-3) from Kiel, Gunnar Asmussen (GER-88) from Flensburg and the local Christopher Buenger (GER-36) from Sylt.

The second competition day with three to four beaufort was ideal for competitors in the discipline Formula Windsurfing (Racing). Sebastian Koerdel (GER-220) from Aach close to Konstanz became the winner of this discipline with a second and a third place. He was very closely followed by Vincent Langer from Kiel. Third place went to Casper Bouman (NED-52) from the Netherlands and Malte Reuscher (ITA-7777) from Italy crossed the finish line in fourth in front of Gunnar Asmussen.

On Saturday Slalom was scheduled. The conditions with six beaufort and waves up to two meters were perfect. The riders raced through three eliminations, which was everything that was possible with these very strong conditions off shore. With a first and a second Vincent Langer secured his victory in this discipline. He was followed by Casper Bouman and Sebastian Koerdel. Maciek Rutkowski from Poland and Fabian Mattes (GER-202) completed the Top-5.

The Overall ranking list is the combination of the rankings of all three disciplines. The two best disciplines of every competitor are counted. Vincent Langer is the Winner of the Summer Opening presented by Multivan with his victory in Slalom and a second in Racing.

Vincent Langer said, “I am more than happy that I’ve won this regatta. It’s been the coldest and hardest conditions I’ve surfed in so far. I am definitely looking forward to the Volvo Surf Cup in July.”

Sebastian Koerdel is in second in the Overall ranking with his victory in Formula Racing and a third place in Slalom. Casper Bouman did a good job as well. He’s in third place in the Overall ranking with a third in Racing and a second in Slalom. Gunnar Asmussen is taking profit out of his position in Waveriding. Overall he is in fourth place followed by Maciek Rutkowski from Poland.

Picture: Moritz Beck

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