The Highlight of this years Windsurfing season will start the coming wednesday on Sylt. The IFCA Slalom World Championships 2015 will take place within the Volvo Surf Cup on Sylt.[more]

More than 80 competitors from all over the world are expected to compete on the water in front of Germanys most popular island. Some Germans are amongst the very favourised surfers for winning the Worlds. The total prize money of 15.000,00 euro makes the event even more attractive for the competitors.

“We have a few hot candidates for the title amongst the german team. We are expecting at least one of them on the podium, but a german victory is possible as well! Vincent Langer, Gunnar Asmussen and Nico Prien could win the competition, but some internationale rider like Bora Kozanoglu and Marco Begalli will challenge them a lot.“
Matthias Regber from the German Windsurfing Association (GWA)

Vincent Langer (GER-1) from Kiel is the current reigning German Windsurfing Champion. At the moment he is leading the german and the european ranking. Langer is very well prepared for the rough conditions on the North Sea in front of Sylt.
“Sylt is one of my favorite spots, especially because I achieved my most important victories here. The high waves and the tides are extremely challenging. The sheeps are separated from the goats very quickly. I am definitely aiming for the title this year. Two years ago I only managed to finish the world championships on Sylt as vice champion. Last year I reached the third place on the Azores. I would say it is my turn now.”
Vincent Langer (German Champion 2014)

Gunnar Asmussen (GER-88) from Flensburg is surfing at his best in very strong winds. In these conditions he is known as one of the fastest windsurfers of the world. Back in 2013 everything was going its way for Asmussen and he was able to become Slalom World Champion 2013. This year he is willing to repeat this succes at the Volvo Surf Cup 2015.
“This year I already managed to win four out of five Slalom competitions. I am in excellent shape. Next stop are the World Championships on Sylt where I am competing to become Slalom World champion 2015!” Gunnar Asmussen

One of the biggest surprises of the season is Nico Prien (GER-7) from Schönberg. Only 20 years old but already one of the biggest challenges for the national and international windsurfing elite. This year he was able to reach to top oft he german as well as the european ranking list.
“Last weekend I was able to strengthen my position within the german top five with some very good results. Thus, I may be able to reach the podium of the german series this year. I am also in a very good position within the european ranking where the podium is still possible. But now I am absolutely concentrating on the Slalom Worlds on Sylt. I definitely got the potential regarding my speed and I hope I will compete for the title and not just the Top-10” Nico Prien

The german surfers will not just compete against themselves, many international windsurfing stars will challenge them on the water. Some of them are taking the stresses and strains of very long journeys on them to compete at the Volvo Surf Cup in Westerland on Sylt. Especially Bora Kozanoglu (TUR-11) from Turkey, Jocelyn de Souza (FRA-873) from France and James Dinsmore (GBR-659) from Great Britain will reach the island well prepared, aiming for the victory. The fights on the water are expected to be very hard and challenging as all of the top competitors are surfing on nearly the same very high and professional level.

Not only the male competitors will be engaged in hard competitions on the water. A lot of strong women are expected to compete at this years Slalom World Championships. Steffi Wahl (GER-303) from Kiel is one of the representatives of the host country. Her closest rivals will be the very strong Andrea Vanhoorne (BEL-26) from Belgium and Lena Erdil (TUR-33) from Turkey. It is always a nice attraction to see a male and a female fleet on the water.

The Volvo Surf Cup is by now well known within the windsurfing scene. A lot of spectators are on the one hand attracted by sportive competitions on the water, well viewable from the beach and the promenade, on the other hand by the overwhelming framework on the island. The event is offering attractions such as Pump Track, Slackline or Beach Skimboards as well as foods and drinks within a very nice and friendly atmosphere directly on the promenade. The Volvo Surf Cup 2015 hosting the IFCA Slalom World Championships 2015 is a very attractive event for families, friends of good sports and lovers of the maritime atmosphere in northern Germany.

Pictures by Moritz Beck