We’re set for some exciting racing to the very end. The ladies are fighting hard and despite the small fleet of just 7 sailors, the podium places have not yet been secured. We’ve got a Youth, Senior, Grand Master and Veteran in the top 4. It’s great to see the Youth fighting with Veteran sailors as equals. [more]The more experienced ladies often come on top of this confrontation, just like today when Maria Antonia Dominguez won two of the three races and is now just one point behind Aleksandra Blinnikka from Finland. Third is the best Youth Pilar Lamadrid Trueba and fourth the only GM Ilona Grinberga. Can’t wait to see what the next days will bring, especially when the second discard is in place after 12 races.

Another good rivalry to follow is the father-son battle between the Blinnikkas. Juha and Daniel are just one point apart in 6th and 7th overall. You could feel the intensiveness very well today. Pumping most of the way.

The top three have not changed with Nicolas Huguet close to securing his title with another three wins. Many things can still happen, but it will be hard for the two Spanish sailors, Toni Colomar Torres and Alejandro Buchau, in second and third to reduce the point difference.

We plan to have some info straight from the press boat tomorrow. Keep a lookout on our twitter feed and website for txt, photos and video content.

Results:  Men / Women

Day 3 photos

Wind Speeds Build on Day Two

As the forecast predicted that the wind will only build in strength today the Race Committee made a decision not to delay the starts and set out as scheduled. The day showed that the forecast proved correct, with wind speed building from 16 to around 20 kts during the racing and even more as the day went on.

You only need to look at the results to see that the conditions today were not as the ones yesterday.
The changes are especially visible in the ladies’ fleet, where Aleksandra Blinnikka climbed to first place with just one point advantage over Pilar Lamadrid Trueba. Third is Maria Antonia Dominguez and yesterday’s leader Ilona Grinberga, after a couple of worse races dropped to fourth overall. Today Ilona sailed the 7.8 sqm T293 sail in the demanding conditions of El Puerto.
The men’s fleet saw one badly broken daggerboard by ESP-20 Borja Carracedo Serra. Borja had to replace his whole board due to the incident as no replacement daggerboard was available and his proved to be beyond repair.
Nicolas Huguet won two of the three races and has extended his lead over two Spanish sailors Toni Colomar Torres and Alejandro Buchau. Fourth in the general classification is Patrik Pollak.
Patrik’s role in El Puerto is not limited to racing, for a long time he has been dedicated to evolving the media aspect of the IWA classes. Raceboard is a good class to test different possibilities and today was one of those anticipated days. Check out the interview with Patrik for his comments on the live video from today’s first race.