Variable wind conditions again today with one race for all fleets in the morning and a second race in the afternoon after a rest period ashore.[more]

To get the racers view SVK1 Media took the cameras on board and into the action of race 4 for Techno Plus. Check the video from DAY 3 of the 2015 Asian Windsurfing Championships, Enoshima.

Day 3 video-racers view

There are also some new photos posted on flickr:


After 2 races today the sailors were able to discard their worst race from their overall event ranking. The leading sailors remain the same, except for a change in Techno 293 Plus:

T293 Junior: Alexander Lim (SIN-1)

T293 Youth: Cheng Ho Yin (HKG-36)

T293 Open Men: Mori Yuta (JPN-7772)

T293 Open Women: Kawamura Mao (JPN-2017)

T293 Plus: Iwasaki Yuuta (JPN-170)

RSX Men: Leung Ho Tsun (HKG-2)

RSX Women: Ngai Wai Yan (HKG-4)

RSX Youth: Kikabhoy Rafeek (HKG-20)

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