Lagos was the 5th event of the Formula Windsurfing Portugal Series 2016, and the last one in summer time.  The final event of the series will be at the end of September in Ponta Delgada on the Island of Sao Miguel in the Azores.
The first day forecast was very good with winds from medium to strong in the afternoon. The skippers meeting was at 13.00 and the first possible race was at 14.30. At the time of the skippers meeting the wind was already blowing with gusts more than 20 knots. [more]
We made two races back to back with two bullets from Spaniard Fernando Martinez, with winds above 20 knots and very very choppy waters.  After a 45m break we had one more race with the wind picking up more and also the very tricky and difficult chop becoming very challenging for all competitors.  Only 6 competitors finished the race with gusts of 26 to 28 knots in very difficult conditions, once again a bullet for Fernando.
The first 3 places were: Fernando Martinez, Carlos Ortiz and Bruno Bertholo
On the second day of the event on Saturday there were four races with more moderate wind between 14 and 20 knots.  Portuguese Miguel Martinho found his form after a disastrous first day, winning three races thus shortening to just one point the distance between him and the Spanish leader.  Everything was left open for the last day of the event.

Unfortunately the wind did not co-operate and there were no races on the final day.  Fernando Martinez del Cerro claimed the Iberian tital, Miguel Martinho was second and Carlos Ortiz was third.
A special mention goes to Gil Morais Margarida (CN Portimao), the only woman in the fleet who finished in 12th place.