Monday 22 August sees the start of the European Raceboard Championships and also the Division II European Championships 2016. Organised by Crocodiles de L’Elorn Brest still in the euphoria of the Olympic medals in sailing in Rio, this event promises to be a success judging by the number of pre-entries.

The bar is high with great battles anticipated for Men’s and Women’s titles. Nicolas Huguet (CN La Pelle Marseille), current Raceboard European Champion, will have much to do to defend his title.[more]

Olivier Grall, this is the great return of an International Raceboard Championship in France, just a few days to the first races, is everything ready?

“Yes, the village is ready, the creperies on station, the committee and jury are coming on Monday! Everything is there to ensure that the competition is good and the atmosphere too!”

What are the features planned for this event, in the organization ashore and on the water?

“On land, the crepieres will be here every day, a runner evening is planned for Wednesday night, a boat trip on the brestoa Friday afternoon, the DJ will be here every day, gifts will be offered during the championship, and a few surprises with probably the presence of Brest Olympic medals! The event will be live on Twitter and our friend Slovakian Patrik Pollak, will be filming for daily videos.  Every night there will be the podium presentation of the yellow, blue and red bibs for the first 3 every day.  On the water, the bay is a wonderful playground where we can do a lot of things.”

With more than 95 pre-registered, the symbolic number of 100 riders will certainly be exceeded. Can we already talk of success?

“Yes, I think the number of registrations is already a success. We hope that we will live up to expectations as we have done everything possible, and look forward to welcoming riders from across Europe and beyond, including Americans and Australians.”

Thank you Olivier for your time.


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