Sadly, it is finished . . . A dream come true!  One would have wished it lasts again for ever but no, unfortunately, it had to come to an end after months of preparation. Brutal stop!

What an Event . . . After 24 years of deep sleep and disappearance from the sailing world, this is with emotions we’ve seen our black II flag rising again officially ashore and on the mast of committee boat.[more]
What a moment . . . One could have expected some difficulties after such a long time, but fortunately it went pretty well overall during the week.  We were able to race and fight (fairly) as fiercely as in the old times.
Pumping though was soon again subject for requests.  After an open discussion where the windsurfers expressed their opinions, a compromise was found and we completed the week without hearing anymore about it.
Good ambiance, good friend sailors responding to the call, not hesitating to drive long distances to come participate in the revival of the class, from the south, the north the east and even across the Atlantic.
Crocos de l’Elorn and its race committee did a great job in running the event professionally every day.  Races were launched one after the other and we were able to complete 9 races despite capricious winds.
It was not trivial to do so.  Putting different classes (RB & DII) using different set of courses and rules of races simultaneously in same racing area was challenging but Club had solutions and brought good alternative.  Cohabitation went very well, all sailors paying attention and respecting each other.  For DIIs, it was also the opportunity to observe other types of course than its typical triangle.  No doubt it will be assessed and fuel ideas for the future.
On the tarmac, we had the immense pleasure to revive the famous board measurement sessions and everyone got the “approved” stamp on their board and sails prior to the race.  I’d like to thank the International Measurer for this.  He did a fantastic job in measuring and weighting all equipment (old & new) accurately.
Special thanks also to the Event photographer for the daily coverage, shooting hundreds of pictures, RB or DIIs, and special thanks to the DJ who tirelessly animated the party at the Club all day long.
Thank you all.
It is finished, yes, but the good news is that we are already looking at next Event, right now, not only next Oceanic down under, no, but next European in 2017 and other Events.  Be assured that your Class is actively working on it (for a while already) and we hope to be able to tell you more very soon. So stay tuned!
See you next year!
Picture by Patrik Pollak SVK-1, event photographer