Three races completed on day 3 of competition at the 2016 Slake Raceboard World Championships in Manly, Brisbane. 

Ivan Pasteur, Spain, made up for yesterday’s drop in form to win all 3 races and to extend his lead over close rival Max Wojcik, Poland.  The “Crazy Spanish” is back in control. [more] Who is he? Why is he crazy?  Find out this and more in the video from DAY 3
Max consolidated his second place in the overall ranking and barring misfortune is guaranteed a podium place at the prize giving.  Third place overall and the bronze medal is still looking to be a contest between New Zealanders Bruce Trotter and Antonio Cozzolino.
In the women’s division Joanna Sterling, current national women’s champion in Australia, followed the example of  Ivan and posted 3 first places and looks to be unbeatable.  Joanna, a Manly local, said this was a wonderful opportunity to compete in her home town.
Alexander Halank also appears to have the competition sewn up in the Youth and 7.8 divisions.
All events need both good organisers and sponsors – check out the interview with Brett Morris of SLAKE
Organiser Lissa McMillan said it was an achievement for the small suburb of Manly to host the event.  “To have 13 different countries competing here is fantastic,” she said.  “We didn’t think we would have so many competitors from overseas coming to Australia, as it’s so far – but we did.”
The five-day event has taken more than a year to organise.  “We were sitting on a beach in Finland four years ago and thought that it would be great to hold a world championship in Australia,” Lissa said.  “It’s been great to show the world what a great location we have to offer.”