Once again the Carmim Lago Alqueva FW 2017 was a amazing success on land because, for the second time in a row, we didn’t have a lot of wind in the 4 days of competition and only one race was completed.

For the Formula competitors that don’t know this spot, in  2014 we had 13 races and in 2015 12 races in 4 days, with winds between 10 knots and 30 knots. Like in every place we could have luck and have wind, and other times we don’t have any wind.[more]
Apart from this wind issue, the rest of the event was a huge success for competitors and their families. The first two days, the maximum wind we had was around 07 knots, not enough for racing but several competitors took to the water to test the big formula windsurfing equipment. The only day that we had wind was on the 3rd day with wind between 07 to 10 knots.  Just enough to do one race, a very tricky one, and once again Miguel Martinho took the bullet.
The rest of the time was spent testing, rigging and de rigging the equipment, and preparing all the gear for the rest of the season. Also during these days we had the Opening Ceremony in the restaurant Centro Nautico de Monsaraz, and on Monday we had the official dinner at CARMIM WINERY, our big Sponsor of the event.  This was an opportunity to try the new wines for 2016 and most of the competitors bought several boxes of wine at a special price just for them.  This Winery is one of the biggest in Portugal which has supported and sponsored this Championship since 2015 – the best and the biggest event of Formula windsurfing in Portugal.
This time we only had Portuguese and Spanish participants, not so many as in other years.  Lots of competitors didn’t come because of the wind forecast, which was a pity because the competitors that did come enjoyed it very much.  Also, for the first time, we had Portuguese National Television making a video of the Formula event on the Alqueva Lake, a very good way not only to promote the lake but also to promote our class.
We would like to thank all the competitors that did come to the event, and also our supporters – City Hall of Reguengos de Monsaraz, Carmim, Proteccao Civil and Centro Nautico de Monsaraz.
At the end of the championship, we had the prize giving for the only race we had,  Miguel Martinho crowned Champion of CARMIM LAGO ALQUEVA FW 2017.  The only thing bad is this Championship will not count for the FORMULA WINDSURFING SERIES 2017 because we didn’t have 3 races.
For next year, we already have the promise that the City Hall of Reguengos de Monsaraz and CARMIM will support the 2018 Championship, with some very good surprises that will make this event even better!