The NeilPryde Racing Series in collaboration with the 2017 Foiling Bay La Baule, held its first stop over showcasing the RS:X (wind foiling) and CR:X (kite foiling) Convertibles amongst other flying machines such Flying Phantom, Foiling Moth and Foiling SUP.[more]
The RS:X Convertible is an ultimate convertible performing pack with the latest technologies available in the industry featuring a full Carbon foil and a full carbon fin with a 7.8 for the men and 7.0 for the women. The new one design performance racing concept: one board, one foil, one fin, one rig allows windsurfers to foil in light breezes and switch to a fin mode in stronger conditions. The NeilPryde RS:X Convertible is also driven to become the future Olympic windsurfing ultimate flying board. 
CR:X is an innovative, versatile One design kite racing platform that features a convertible board that can be switched between fin and foil modes. Multiple modes mean that the same set of hardware can be used for beginner or more advanced foil races or in changing weather conditions. CR:X is the perfect pathway for young racers to the elite and Olympic pinnacle dream offering an accessible, fun and performing one design solution.
With challenging conditions, with winds from 6 to 15 knots, organisers achieved 12 races for Windsurfers and 11 for Kite surfers in just 2 days. Thanks to the new and dynamique formats with race courses such Regatta and Super 8.
The NeilPryde Racing will announce soon its 2017/ 2018 Tour dates.
RS:X Convertible Wind Foiling
Results after 12 races
1- Julien Bontemps (Men)
2- Benjamin Longy (Men)
3- William Godon (Men)
4- Heloise Macquaert (Women)
5- Lucie Hervoche (Women)
CR:X Convertible Kite Foiling
Results after 11 Races
1- Leborgne Kieran (Men)
2- Cou Sebastien (Men)
3- Simonnet Mathieu (Men)
4- Civel Antoine (Men)
5- Lavasier Clement (Men)
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