The 2017 IFCA Slalom World Championships got under way at Paal 17 in Texel, the Netherlands with the Skippers meeting held at 09:00 and competitors were briefed by the Principal Race officer.  Expected weather conditions were 15-18 degrees, on-shore winds, small waves and partly cloudy skies.[more]
Competitors were on standby and received updates directly from the water through the PA system on the beach about the wind measurements that were around 8 to 11 knots during the morning hours. After a few postponements, by 12:00 wind readings had increased to 12 to 14 knots on the course area and the first heat of the championship was a GO.
Competitors sailed on their biggest gear with sail sizes up to 9.7.  The first 2 heats went OK while the 3rd heat was cancelled as the wind started to drop down to 9 knots . . . shortly afterwards the AP Flag went up and competitors were sent back to the beach to wait for further updates regarding the wind readings.
Disappointment of the day:
The 2017 IFCA Slalom Youth World Champion Basile Jacquin from New Caledonia failed to place himself in the top 4 advancing positions in the first heat. He was overtaken by Andrea Ferin from Italy on the last reach towards the finish line.
After lunch time it felt like the wind was trying to make a come back, announcements were shortened to every 15 minutes, but unfortunately the day was heating up and the winds appeared lighter and lighter and the waves smaller and smaller.
After a check with local weather experts, the decision was made to call it a day by the Race Committee.
The forecast for the coming days looks a little light, but we will have to see what will happen as Texel should be able to provide exciting racing in choppy conditions.

Skippers meeting for the 2nd day is scheduled for 11:00
IFCA has upgraded the Live Score software and it will be in full swing during the upcoming races WATCH IT HERE

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