The schedule for the day was 3 races back to back for the men and 4 races back-to-back for the women, leaving 2 races for both groups to complete on the last day. The women were asked if they would prefer 2 + 2 but they said 4 was best. Don’t argue with a woman!

Foil racing was the order of the day and the women’s race 11 started promptly at 12:00 in 7 to 11 knots of breeze.  [more]
Maelle Guibaud (FRA-5) maintained her dominance of the women’s fleet by winning all four races today, Marina Alabau (ESP-5) took all four second places increasing the gap between her and third placed Emily Hall (GBR-714).  Youth Heloise Macquaert (FRA-946) is only two points off a podium position, taking third place in race 14.
As the competition progressed, the wind increased to 7-15 knots. Competitors spread across the bay, racing was fast and furious.  Thomas Goyard took the first men’s bullet of the day in Race 11 but Sebastian Kornum (DEN-24) took two more and Julien Bontemps (FRA-6) the other.  It would appear that these three have the podium positions sewn up. 4th placed Alexandre Cousin (FRA-752) is twenty points off.
There are five youths in the men’s fleet who are putting up very commendable performances against these top Olympic and PWA racers and Class title holders.  No doubt they feel inspired and are learning by competing with the world’s best.
Racing was completed at 14.10 thanks to the fast and efficient race management from the race committee and much to the appreciation of the racers.  This just leaves the final 2 foil races to complete the 16 race series tomorrow.
The question on everyone’s lips now is, “where and when will the races in this class be held next year?!”
Stay tuned for the final day of competition tomorrow!