This IFCA Championship is running from the 2nd to the 5th of December in Raia da Pedra Redonda, Rio Guaíba, Porto Alegre / RS -Brasil. A total of 40 Participants from 6 different nations and 3 continents are signed up for this Championship, a joint venture with the 2017 Brazilian Slalom Championship.[more]

At noon on day one at the skippers meeting it was agreed that with forty competitors each round would have four heats with ten competitors with the top five advancing to the semi finals. The 20 losers in this first round would compete in a single heat for rankings from the 20th place onwards and the participants of the semi finals make the finals of the winners setting from the first to the tenth and of the losers closing the rest of the classification until the 20th place.
The wind blew only about five o’clock in the afternoon, ranging from 13 to 16 knots, and most competitors opted to use large sails and boards. The heats were with constant winds but in the last two many people stopped and those who had more skill at the jibes took advantage.
Matheus Isaac dominated the entire round, followed by Kurosh Kiani from Denmark, Nathan Westera from Aruba and Mathias Pinheiro from Brazil.
Upsets: The Peruvian Alessio Botteri had difficulties in heat 5 and failed to advance towarsds the first A Finals of the event, but he fought back and won the B final, which puts him on the 11th position at the moment.
Top 5 after 1 Elimination :
1 Mateus Isaac BRA
2 Kuosh Kiani DEN
3 Nathan Westera ARU
4 Mathias Pinheiro BRA
5 Nicolas Verploeg ARU