Despite a start delayed by one hour the race committee were able to complete a full day of racing on day 4 of the Lagos Formula Windsurfing Festival. The championship rules of the Formula class permit the option of 5 races, completed in two series of “back to back” races. The postponed start enabled the wind, which had been evident all morning, to increase and to stabilise. [more]

Race 3 started at 13:00 in 10-12 knots, but very soon there were gusts of 20 knots recorded by the race committee, before the wind settled at a steady 18-20 knots.
Many competitors were finding it hard holding their biggest sail and the race committee sent sailors back to shore after 2 races, to rest and if necessary change down to a smaller sail.
There followed a further 3 races “back to back” bringing to an end a strenuous but also satisfying day of racing.
With 7 races in the series completed, competitors could discard their two worst races, ensuring fair racing for all, but maintaining a very close fight at the top of the overall ranking.
The top 3 riders from day two were able to strengthen their claim on the podium places. With two wins each for POL-25 and LAT-23, and 1 win for POR-5, it remains a tie break for first place overall.
Local hero Miguel Martinho, POR-5, will no doubt consider himself unlucky with a DNF in race 4 due to a broken harness!
Top 3 after 7 races:
1st – Hubert Mokrzycki (POL-25) 7pts
2nd – Janis Preiss (LAT-23) 7pts
3rd – Miguel Martinho (POR-5) 10pts
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