WGS 2018 – Perfect conditions for the week of races in Sant’Antioco, for the award of the Italian Windsurfing AICW / FIV Championship titles! Calasetta June 18th A week with conditions that have not been seen for some time, for a windsurfing event, seven days out of seven of wind, with a day in which conditions have also seen peaks of over thirty knots on the field. [more]

Already from Monday, the forecasts immediately confirmed that it would be an event waiting for favorable conditions, already from Tuesday the conditions have been gradually improving, coming to a day on Thursday with the regattas disputed in really fabulous conditions, wind from NW with gusts over 30 knots, a real Slalom regatta that put a strain on the athletes on the Calasetta race track, on the beach of Sotto Torre, and that allowed the freestyle athletes, on the spot of Sa Barra, at the Windsurfing Club Sa Barra, to have the ideal conditions to make the race even more explosive and spectacular.

Incredible end-of-day videos and images, exciting live footage from the drone and Vedetta.org live on the two competition fields.
An organization, that of Salvatore Casula with AICW, which highlighted the inestimable value of the territory, for an active tourism, an increasingly indispensable resource for the island, a type of tourism that makes the island accessible and active even in the offseason classic, with its favorable weather conditions, its strong perturbations from NW, the priceless scenarios.
Calasetta has bewitched the participants, a little jewel, its tower, its beaches of fine sand, the gentle notes of the thermal wind that accompany the hottest days, and the possibility of moving a few kilometers, to enjoy the winds of each quadrant . Sant’Antioco, island in the island, has the strong character of the islanders, pure, genuine, strong, that Sardinian heart that opens the doors of your house, as if you were the dearest friend, always known, a warmth that is just of the islanders and that we have found in the excited look of Salvatore Casula, the local organizer of the event.
There were four titles assigned for the specialties, Andrea Cucchi (ITA 1), he obtained the title of Italian Champion AICW / FIV in the Slalom category, Riccardo Marca (ITA 988) is the Italian Freestyle Champion, Marco Begalli (ITA 415) is Italian Formula Windsurfing Champion and Riccardo Renna (ITA 225), the young Italian Champion in the Raceboard category.
The local organizer, Salvatore Casula, “We are satisfied, he did seven days of wind, you could not ask for more! I hope to have other possibilities to make this event for years to come. I thank all those who believed in it, starting from the Municipality of Calasetta, the Sulcis Naval League, the Sponsors, my friend Roberto Lusci who helped me a lot. I’m really happy. I also thank my family, who supported me for the duration of the event. Beyond various problems, normal in the management of an event of this magnitude, we have faced and exceeded everything in an excellent way, thanks also to the precious help of everyone.”
Tore Turco, President of the Naval League Sulcis, “We are happy to have collaborated with AICW for this event, for us it was a new thing, and we are satisfied with the result. Thanks to the municipal administration, AICW and the boys, for allowing us to make an event of this magnitude, we hope to repeat it in the future. Everything went well and the location helped us a lot, in our first time here in Calasetta.”
Carlo Cottafavi, President of AICW, “There had never been an Italian Championship with nine slalom ladders completed. There was some problem, promptly solved, thanks to the commitment of Salvatore Casula, who I have to thank, for doing a job that usually involves many more people, Michela (Coordination AICW) was always in touch with Salvatore for respond promptly to everything. We have had what is most important to carry out this kind of manifestation, that is the wind! Four titles awarded, two fields of competition, thanks to Cristiano Siringo, AICW vice-president, who has been involved in the freestyle field of Sa Barra, thanks to all the staff, to the guys of the Naval League Sulcis, to the guys of the rafts, to the photo-video crew, to Selin, our main sponsor, who has invested his money for the success of the event.”

Thanks for the support: Municipality of Calasetta, Proloco Calasetta, Lega Navale Sulcis, Selin Firenze, Acque San Martino, Ente Parco Geominario Storico and Ambientale of Sardinia and Sardinia Region, Residence Calasetta, Vedetta.org.