On the final day, once again Penghu delivered its winter weather promise of strong, consistent winds and choppy waves. The coming of the strongest winds of the year on this day made it possible to complete two races, leaving sailors happy and fulfilled.

The winners of the 2018 RS:X and Techno 293 Asian Windsurfing Championships are: [more]
RS:X Men – Cho Won Woo (KOR)
RS:X Women – Kwan Ching Ma (HKG)
RS:X Youth – Tin Yu Earl Cheung (HKG)
T293 Youth Boy – Chi Long Tang (HKG)
T293 Youth Girl – Fu Wei Kuo (TPE)
Congratulations to the Winners!
On Day 3 competitors were greeted with light winds of 3-5 knots. With no stronger breeze in sight and after an hour of waiting, a race went ahead as soon as the wind picked up to 6 knots, requiring sailors to pump from start to finish.
The light wind conditions baffled organisers who had not seen these conditions during this time of year before
In contrast, stable winds were blowing from North East in between 18-22 knots as day 4 dawned. The reaching starts were used for all disciplines which made racing and whole day extremely spectacular! As the racing area was just in front of the pier and the club house, a lot of people enjoyed such a nice racing here in Penghu!
Sailors were keen to resume competing in these strong albeit stable wind speeds and to see whether the weather change might shake up the leaderboards.
The landmark 2018 RS:X & Techno 293 Windsurfing Asian Championships took place in Penghu, Taiwan from 3 to 11 November, and was organised by the Chinese Taipei Sailing Association in cooperation with International Windsurfing Association and the International RS:X Class Association.