The Defi Wind Team is proud to launch a new event! The Defi Wind Japan will be held from 2019 February 28th to March 3rd. This new windsurfing long distance race will take place in Miyako Island (Okinawa) located at the south end of the Japanese archipelago. 150 riders from all over the world are expected for this first edition including multiple world champions, Defi Wind Gruissan winners and, of course, pure amateurs. The idea is to promote windsurfing and share the stoke of our incredible sport in a new tropical destination. The registration for this new event is about to open. It’s time for new Defi Wind adventure! [more]

The concept: Pro-Am Long distance
Inspired by the Defi Wind of Gruissan, the Defi Wind Japan will be a long distance windsurfing event with simple courses and minimum rules. Philippe Bru and his team are of course fully involved and will manage the race. The idea is to bring the original Defi Wind concept to new destination and to more people from different horizons. In Miyako Island, windsurfing pros and amators will share their passion riding on a perfect tropical spot with stuning landscape and amazing culture.
The Spot: Miyako Island
Miyako Island is the secret garden of the Japanese windsurfing community. It’s the destination of choice for the Japanese windsurfers during wintertime. Clearblue lagoon, warm waters, tradewinds and stuning beaches are waiting for the windsurfers from all over the world. According to statistics, trades are blowing in the medium wind range 8 days out of 10 during winter time. The main windsurfing spot is located on the west side of the main Island and the event site will be set in Maehama Beach, one of the most beautiful beaches in Asia. To be mentioned, MiyakoJima is in a sister city relationship with Maui in Hawaii due to several similarities.
Big names: Dunkerbeck, Warembourg & more soon!
A good pro-am event allows amators to share time with their heroes and race against champions. The Defi Wind Japan won’t make any exception to that: Bjorn Dunkerbeck was the first registered for this new event. The most entitled sportsman on earth will be on the starting line together with Nicolas Warembourg as well! 
Winner of the 2019 Defi Wind Gruissan and two times runner up in the past, Nicolas is a benchmark when it comes to long distance races. But stay tuned, more big names will be released in the next weeks!!
Registration’s now open
Thanks to Miyako Island, you will now have the chance to take part at the Defi Wind in transparent waters, and nice warm temperatures, where the food and culture are unique! Be ready to discover a whole new world and have a amazing adventure. Japan is one of the countries that many have the dream to visit for its culture, capital, powder snow, and many other mainstream opportunities that the countries is known to offer. Now windsurfers have the opportunity to mix it up with our beautiful sport! 
Registration for the event is now open to the first 150 entrants. Feel free to download the registration guide here. Please note that special deals have been set up with our partner HIS Travel Agency.
More information is available in the registration guide and on