Class Associations and Equipment Manufacturers are invited to tender for the Men’s and Women’s Windsurf Equipment for the Paris 2024 Olympic Sailing Competition.
Click here to read the Invitation to Tender.

The Invitation to Tender follows from World Sailing’s Olympic Re-evaluation Policy, detailed in Regulation 23.6 and approved by World Sailing’s Council at the 2017 Annual Conference in Mexico.  [more]
Equipment selected for each Olympic Event shall be subject to re-evaluation at least every eight years to ensure that: 
  • Competing equipment and competing manufacturers of existing equipment can bid to be selected for Olympic Events and therefore access the market on a fair and objective basis;
  • Reduce the risk of monopolies;
  • Manufacturers do not become complacent, remain price-competitive, produce high-quality equipment, and do not abuse their market positions.
  • The review process will allow the existing Olympic Equipment for the Event, along with any new Classes or manufacturers who wish to have their equipment included in the Olympic Games, to tender for inclusion.
The tender process will review all aspects of the equipment (including suitability for the Olympic Event and its competitors, prices, manufacturing, availability and supply around the world).
The full process and procedure in the Olympic Equipment Re-evaluation procedure is available here
The Invitation to Tender includes the Equipment Criteria (available here) approved by the Equipment Committee.
The procedures for the re-evaluation were approved at World Sailing’s 2018 Annual Conference in Sarasota, Florida, USA and the final outcome of the review will be decided in 2019.