Action sports to try and stars to touch at “Boot Duesseldorf” – more than 100,000 visitors came to enjoy the 50th birthday of the world’s largest water sports fair and to celebrate THE WAVE. 

The International Windsurfing Association thanks the organisers for their generosity in providing a room for the IWA Annual General Meeting held during this event and giving us the opportunity to mix and mingle with the crowds. [more]

The Tow-in competition of the German Freestyle Battles on the first weekend of the 2019 boot Duesseldorf lured several hundred spectators to the shallow water pool. Here, some of Germany’s best freestyle windsurfers were pulled over the water by the wakeboard cable car and demonstrated their newest freestyle manoeuvers. 

In an exciting competition between friends, the riders had four attempts to impress and convince the jury with their best trick each time. During the rest of the fair there was a daily tow-in show which allowed the audience to linger by the pool and marvel.
Boot 2019 set new records, with almost 2,000 exhibitors from 73 countries and displays covering 220,000 m² of stand space. Nearly 250,000 water sports fans (boot 2018: 247,000 visitors) came to Duesseldorf from over 100 countries: clear confirmation of the position Boot holds as the leading event anywhere in the world. Read More . . .