Day 3 yet another day with light racing conditions enough to get some action going as top ranks shuffle across the Junior, Youth and Masters divisions. It was high tension today with several OCS, Protest hearings and General recalls making the light conditions exciting for spectators, the race officials and on some occasions time consuming for the jury members. 

In the Masters we have seen several general recalls and, with the delay later in the afternoon, again the finals could not be completed. Already missing out of the A finals are the Turks; Bora Kozanoglu, Talat Asikoglu and Erkan Morgan and now leaving the door wide open for someone to claim victory in elimination #3. [more]
In the Youths, we have been missing the presence of the previous event leader Francesco Scagliola from Italy who suffered from a sudden high fever. Winning the B Finals today was Jakob Kooij from the Netherlands while the A Finals took off without Scagliola, Daniel Slijk (OCS) and Nathan Westera (DNS). Jimmy took his first bullet after battling with the strong local Ali Maga.
Tuesday-Lou Judd  from France still dominates the Female Youth division during today’s edgy conditions. The remaining top 5 are still close and the next days could still shake things up between the competitors from Turkey, Italy, Aruba and Holland.
The local Junior Berk Ozay strikes back today winning the second elimination of the championship.
Elimination #3 was sailed until the semi-finals during the late afternoon with the A and B final again on schedule for the next racing day. The top competitors as expected placed their spot into the A Finals including the Dutch Koen Hessels, winner of the previous B Finals of Elimination #2.
Tomorrow’s A-finals are going to be a very exciting heat as the juniors do somewhat profit from the light wind conditions.
It was definitely game on for the Junior girls.  Elif Ercan managed to strike back and won the 4th Race of the championships. In Race 5 Ipek Kacan kept it clean while a clash happened between the two front runners of that race. The first finisher of Race 5 Oda Severre from Norway and Turkey’s Elif Ercan collided during the jibe at mark 1. After the Protest hearing; Oda (DSQ) and Elif received (RDG)
Tomorrow the competition will continue with a slightly different racing schedule.
The skippers meeting is scheduled for 10:00.
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