Spain’s Marc Pare Rico takes first victory in the first single elimination of the European wave championships with high wave scores and double forward rotations. Winds from 30 to 40 knots allowed for a spectacular show on the first competition day here in Hanstholm Denmark. 

The conditions were tough with howling winds during the whole day and with the sun out it made the event opening day a perfect one as spectators gathered to watch the best European competitors compete for the 2019 IFCA Wave European Championships which is taking place in several locations around the city of Thisted and Klitmoller. [more]
After the late registration, it was a total of 43 competitors from 12 Nations that signed up for the championship. The opening ceremony took place at 12:00 with opening speeches from Westwind Klitmoller CEO Rasmus Fejerskov, the IFCA Class President Ruben Petrisie and the Mayor of Thisted municipality Ulla Vestergaard who officially opened the event.
The judges and the water crew including the scoring crew were ready and set so the first heat for the Men’s division could start at 13:00. The single elimination of the Men was a back to back of heats until the semi finals. Due to some lighter winds the competition was announced on hold for approx 40min. The wind became stable and suitable around 18:00 and the Women could finally start and completed the first round of their single elimination and the final show of the day was the Men’s Final heats between the best four competitors of the day.
Top 4 Results of the Men single-elimination #1
1 Marc Pare Rico – ESP
2 Julian Salmonn – GER
3 Antoine Martin – FRA
4 Philip Koster – GER
Tomorrow’s forecast looks great again and the competition will continue on the same location set up at Hanstholm. Skippers meeting is set for 07:30 for Junior, Youths, and Women while the Men will have their skippers meeting at 08:15.