On his appointment Ansis commented:

“I am honoured and excited to have been appointed to work together with such distinguished fellow Executive Committee members and our class manager, Gonzalo Costa Hoevel. I very much look forward to further engaging with all our current and prospective MNAs, with World Sailing, Starboard and other potential manufacturers, to set the course and future of the class which we all feel is a very exciting one. [more]

I am also looking forward to getting together with the Steering Committee, which has guided the class over the past year, doing a remarkable job in these uncertain times, to get an in depth briefing and to prepare for the inaugural AGM in lake Garda, in a fortnight, where we hope to be meeting as many as you possible. I am keen to set up an Emerging Nations sub committee so that we can get a very broad set of views and opinions and all voices are present.

Thank you to the International Windsurfing Association and everyone, who has supported us in this campaign for universality and inclusion.” More on iQFOiL website.

The Latvian Yachting Union also commented:

“The board of the Latvian Yachting Union are very proud and happy that our Honorary President  Ansis Dale has been elected as the Chairman of the iQFOiL Executive Committee. This is not only great news for the Latvian sailing community but it is also an appreciation of the work that Ansis Dale has done in Latvia and abroad.

We have no doubt that Ansis Dale will use his knowledge, experience and energy to do his utmost to promote the new iQFOiL class internationally as well as advance sailing worldwide.”