It seems it was yesterday…Division II regrouped again in Portoroz Slovenia for their annual European championship from
September 8th to 12th this summer. [more]

For four days, 19 sailors regrouped sailing 3 races per day except day of long distance, one race only. 7 type A D2 (6.5m2,
small battens, triangular sails) and 12 type C (9.5m2 full battened sails, lighter boards, longer fins).

Heavy and light weight categories for C.

Sunny, warm (even hot) temperatures predominated during the week, mostly with light to very light winds. A lot of
bottles of water generously distributed on racing track by racing committee.
As evidence, “SLOs” did prepare very seriously the Event as they managed to capture the 1st places.

Category C,

Light weights and overall results,

Helena Puh, unique female participant, won all races but one that she abandoned to Dusan Puh (2nd), both former D2
Champions in Slovenia.

Miro Skorjanc secured the 3rd place on Lechner A390. Matic Meza, Division II 100 board Davidson replica 4th. Matej
Pegan, Lechner A390 following just behind.

All SLOs equipped with 9.5m2 Lukka Sails from local sailmaker.

A special note for Kay Burger, GER, who was never distanced with his brand new but old school Mistral M1 equipped by
beautiful green colored sail from SLIM Sails GER. Kay finished 6th.

Heavy weights,

Irek Kutyla, POL, got the podium on his Division II 100 Board Lechner replica, rigged with a 9.5 LoftSails, while ranking 5th
overall, a remarkable performance given his weight handicap in those light wind conditions.

Nice performance also from veteran Peter Wauter, BEL, who did well with his D2 Raceboard prototype P380 equipped
with 2Win Sails 9.5. Peter hit the 2nd place in heavy and 7th overall.
SLO Ziga Rozman sailing a Division II 100 Board Davidson replica, geared with Loftsail 9.5, completed the podium.

“Historic” Category A,

7 irreducible sailors using historic 6.5m2 triangular sails, some brand new, fought like hell to get the podium. SLO
Vladimir Borsnar (Lechner A390) finally got the Graal just ahead of AUT Joseph Salvenmoser (Mistral M1), both followed
by GRE Chris Valvanis (Lechner L3)

Another fantastic week, where friendships on shore and on waters prevailed. A demonstration of efficacy and
understanding from Racing committee of what D2 racing is.
On behalf of ID2CA, an enormous “Thank You” to Jadralni Klub Pirat for having hosted our Event again.

We’ll come back!

Long Life to Division 2!

All results here: