TWT aims to support the national athletes and also promote Turkish windsurfing activities and facilities to the world. Alacati is a great place with international level of proficiency and we would like to showcase this. Furthermore, Turkish athletes have gained quite a successful path in the recent years within all disciplines of windsurfing, so we also aim to show this success to everyone.

TWT (Turkey Windsurf Training) is the main organizer of this event and we are a bunch of windsurf lovers who aim to practice, race, learn and have fun together and we are where the wind is blowing! We choose the spots depending on the wind and spread the plan on our communication networks. Then the fun starts!

We plan the course, record our time in the water and talk about it at the end of the day, especially with the young guns. We motivate the youngsters on their windsurfing skills, share masters’ experiences and talk a lot about developments on the gears and correct combinations.  And we love to arrange windsurfing events on different occasions. Both competition and fun take place and windsurfers from different locations come together to enjoy the events. Apart from practice races and special events all through the year, we officially organized ‘Maritime and Cabotage Day’ races in July in 2021 and 2022, at ION Club Alacati.

All videos from those days are available on our Youtube channel

Events like this one is to gather people with the same goal, lifestyle, passion and understanding. Working with such an association like IFCA, we are confident that it will be great success for all of us.

We have quite a successful junior team, Elif Ercan is the 2022 IFCA European girls U17 Champion, Ozan Ozay U17 vice champion, Can Eskinazi boys U15 Champion and Cagla Anadol U15 third. Apart from those, we will see a battle among young Turkish athletes Tan Tandogan, Ibrahim Ali Donmez, Mert Kacan and Denizhan Tunc in the Junior boys.
The Youth category will be exciting as well, with our boys Ali Gunem, Berke Ozay, Omer Ucer, Cengizhan Dogan and girls Aylin Ozay, Idil Baboglu, Ayse Demirkut.
Masters men, Erkan Morgan, Serdar Varol, Kayhan Ogretir, Sinan Gerzile, Koray Gomec, Ekin Bilem and the star of women category Cagla Kubat among many others.
This event will be hosted by ION Club Alacati, which is located within Alacati surfing bay. It is an international surfing club where you can enjoy beach volley, bocce, SUP, slack-lining and when the wind is low you can give wing surfing a try with if not already already done so. There is an in house beach front coffee & restaurant for food and beverage requirements, where you can sip your drinks or enjoy some Turkish specialties. On top, for those who are interested, latest Isuzu D-Max pick-up will be on stage for test driving as well. We will of course have music all through the day with some fun activities, so if we can’t surf than we can dance 😊
Alacati is a very popular holiday destination both for locals and international tourists. It has a unique style where you dash into little boutique shops and cafes to sip homemade lemonade, wander around the streets of charming Alacati old town. In the evenings this little cute village really comes alive. The streets are bustling and the atmosphere buzzing with people enjoying the fashionable restaurants and bars. Then only a short drive away from Alacati, definitely worth a visit, Cesme village is a a beautiful place to explore and Cesme Castle is the place to capture the history of the town. A climb to the top of the stairs at either side of Cesme Castle rewards visitors with amazing panoramic scenes of Cesme and the Aegean Sea. Apart from that Cesme offers quite a big number of beaches with crystal clear waters and high level of fun with live concerts and beach parties.
TWT is the main organizer and also the sponsor of the event. In addition we have the following supporting us in all aspects:
  • Ministry of Youth and Sports
  • TYF – Turkish Sailing Federation
  • Cesme Municipality, Mayor Ekrem Oran
  • Ministry of Culture and Tourism / Turkiye Tourism Promotion and Development Agency
  • ION Club Alacati
  • Cesmealti Windsurf Club
  • Trio Shipping
  • Power Group
  • Isuzu D-Max
We are expecting some more brands to join us by the time of the event and you will meet them at the venue.
From mid May until the end of September the well known “Meltem” blows from a northerly direction. Normally the wind is moderate in the morning and increases during the day. In spring and autumn, the dominating wind comes from the south. The “Poiras” blows sideshore from the right. You can follow the daily weather and wind conditions on ION Club Alacati web page