The first event of the Supercup series took place over the weekend at Nove Mlyny. This report provides a summary of the regatta, including the number of races, weather conditions, participant feedback, and upcoming events.

Summary of Races:

On Saturday, a total of five races were held for the raceboard category, while the techno category had four races. Despite a slight chill in the air, the afternoon brought pleasant sunny weather, and no complaints were heard regarding the full schedule. All fleets demonstrated excellent tactical racing skills in the shifty breeze, ranging from 8 to 18 knots.

Sunday saw the arrival of a rainy weather front, which provided a bit of wind. Two additional races were conducted for the Raceboard category, and one more race for the Techno category before heavy rain was forecasted.

Weather Conditions:

Throughout the regatta, participants experienced varied weather conditions. On Saturday, the weather was initially chilly, but the sun made an appearance in the afternoon, creating a pleasant atmosphere for the races. The breeze was shifty, ranging from 8 to 18 knots, providing an engaging and tactical racing experience for all fleets.

Sunday brought rain but also some wind, allowing for two more races in the Raceboard category and one additional race in the Techno category. Unfortunately, heavy rain forecasted for later in the day necessitated the conclusion of the regatta.

Upcoming Events:

The next event in the Supercup series will take place at Lake Domasa, Slovakia. After the regatta, there will be a training camp led by the author for the Slovak youth national team. Several Czech kids are expected to participate in the training camp as well, fostering a collaborative environment. All interested individuals are welcome to join the training camp, which will serve as valuable preparation for the Raceboard Worlds at Surfclub Domasa from May 27th to June 2nd.

To optimize costs, the training camp will be held at the same location as the regatta in Domasa. After the training camp, the participants will move to Balaton for the final Supercup event of the year, scheduled for the weekend of May 3rd and 4th.


The first event of the Supercup series at Nove Mlyny was a success, with multiple races conducted in both the raceboard and techno categories. Despite some challenging weather conditions, participants exhibited strong racing skills and enjoyed the tactical nature of the event. The upcoming events at Lake Domasa and Balaton hold promise for further thrilling competitions, and the training camp provides an excellent opportunity for participants to enhance their skills before the Raceboard Worlds.

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