Professor Marco Corti, a windsurfing educator, scientist, and mentor, left us far too soon, succumbing to illness at the age of 67. His passing is a profound loss, leaving us with a sense of unfinished business and a yearning for the lessons he had yet to share. Marco’s life was dedicated to the sea, to sport, and to imparting his wisdom in an approachable and egalitarian manner.

In the coastal town of Civitavecchia, Italy, Marco was not just a biologist and a teacher at the Marconi Institute; he was a passionate advocate of the sea and all its wonders. It was the sea that captured his heart, transforming him into a dedicated sportsman, instructor, and manager. His dedication to education extended beyond the classroom and into the realm of personal growth, equilibrium, and our place in the world.

Marco possessed a unique ability to combine knowledge and competence with a rare blend of character traits, including gentleness, diplomacy, and an unwavering commitment to the betterment of the sport. He inspired countless young people, urging them to strive for their personal best. His legacy will continue to flourish, as students become teachers, athletes achieve greatness, and the cycle of mentorship endures.

Marco left us with an indelible mark and a vision for the future that was tragically cut short. His leadership and wisdom will be greatly missed, but his legacy is a treasure to be cherished and continued by all who knew and loved him. Marco’s spirit will forever remain in our hearts and minds, guiding us through the waves of life.

In Marco’s memory, a moving ceremony was held at sea in front of the League, a fitting tribute to a man who was, in so many ways, one with the waves he loved so dearly. Farewell, Marco Corti, a beloved educator, mentor, and windsurfing legend. Your legacy will continue to inspire and guide us through the tides of life. Thank you for everything, Marco.