From July 11th to 14th the IFCA Slalom Foil World Championship 2024 will take place in St. Peter-Ording. The foil slalom elite will travel to the North Sea to fight for the official IFCA Foil Slalom World title. The event has a total prize money of 20.000 Euro. As part of the California Windsurf Cup series, the event doesn’t only offer a challenging regatta but also a huge event with stands, catering program and parties in the evening.

 We are excited to host the IFCA Slalom Foil World Championship 2024 in St. Peter-Ording. SPO is a unique place for the most important IFCA Slalom Foil event of the year. We have already a long time good experience with this venue and can promise a memorable experience for everybody. We cordially invite all foil slalom racers to come to SPO” says Matthias Regber from the Choppy Water GMBH. 

 I am delighted to observe the Foil Championship unfold under the guidance of Choppy Water GmbH in a new venue location in Germany. Reflecting on our past successes in Silvaplana Engadin Wind in Switzerland back in 2019, where our class crowned its last Foil World Champion, (Luuc van Opzeeland, NED). I am very much looking forward to the unveiling of – this time a focus on foil slalom racing. With eager anticipation, the IFCA Class await the competitive action for this scheduled World Championship.” says Ruben Petrisie IFCA Class President.

 The IFCA Class has two official World Championships in 2024. The Fin Slalom World Championship will take place in Hvide Sande on the Ringköbing Fjord in September. The World Championship in St. Peter-Ording is fully focussed on the foil division. The winner of the event will be the official IFCA Slalom Foil World Champion 2024. But there are also additional official IFCA class titles for women and the different age categories (Youth U21, Junior U17, Master 40, Grandmaster 50). The international IFCA slalom foil elite will challenge the German windsurf cuppers in their home waters. But also several PWA pro riders will not risk to miss the unique chance to fight for the official IFCA Foil Slalom World title and to win their share of the prize money.

 The IFCA Slalom Foil World Championship offers a total prize money of 20.000 Euro. IFCA Class has recently adjusted its Championship Rules to ensurer a relatively even prize money for the two genders men and women. The number of male and female participants defines the split of the prize money between the two genders. The Grand Prix of the LVM Insurance throws in additional spice with another 1.000 Euro prize money for the very first race of the regatta. The winner of that race will get 500€, place two gets 300€ and the third gets 200€ prize money.

 The Class Rule Changes of the International Funboard Class Association came into effect for 2024. The number of eligible sails at an IFCA event has been increased from one to two sails. The IFCA Slalom Foil World Championships in St. Peter-Ording will apply these new revised IFCA Class Rules which will help to accommodate to the different conditions that the North Sea may throw at the competitors in SPO. The equipment in the foil division is limited to one (1) registered IFCA series production board, two (2) sails and one (1) foil system which may consist out of one (1) foil mast, two (2) fuselages, two (2) front wings and two (2) back wings. Even for iQFOiL and iQFOiL Youth&Junior riders the event will be interesting. Starboard has recently registered its Olympic and pre Olympic equipment so that it is fully eligible for competing at official IFCA events and championships.

 St. Peter Ording can offer a wide range of conditions. The North Sea, can bring everything from flat water at light eastern breeze to high waves at western storm. So the riders need to prepare for anything. But the riders can be assured that security has the highest priority. If the conditions are too dangerous to send boats or riders onto the North Sea the California Windsurf Cup offers the discipline Wavering as alternative competition format.

 St. Peter-Ording is easily to be reached by car. No expensive ferries are necessary to get to the venue of the IFCA Slalom Foil Worlds. The venue is located in the middle of Europe and invites with short trips from Scandinavia in the North, Poland and the Baltic countries in the east, the BeNeLux countries and France in the West and Austria, Switzerland and Italy in the south. But also for all the southern and Eastern European countries St. Peter-Ording is easy and fast to be reached. People arriving by plane can fly to Hamburg Airport. From there you can even travel to St. Peter-Ording by train. If you take a rental car, the trip from Hamburg airport to SPO takes you about an hour.

 The official event website has been launched and the registration for the IFCA Foil Slalom Worlds has been activated. Register as soon as possible but latest until June 13th to ensure the early bird entry fee of 170 Euro (only 160 Euro for Youth and Junior).


 Further information about the IFCA Foil Slalom Worlds 2024 can be found on the official event website:

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(photo credit: Choppy Water / HanokUpNorth)