Despite the light winds, the second competition day saw a few races completed. Tension and excitement are building as better wind conditions are forecasted for the upcoming days.

The day started with a very slow start and warm temperatures. During the late afternoon, the wind began to flow in from the opposite direction, allowing the foiling races to continue. However, the conditions remained somewhat light, and only a few races were completed before the wind faded and changed direction again.

In the Junior Girls Foil division, the leader position shifted in favor of Éléonore Lambeaux (FRA-50). The Junior Boys Foil division completed only the first round of heats in the newly started Elimination 4, with Luca Pires (FRA-863) currently leading.

The Youth Foil division managed to complete the second round of heats in the 4th elimination, with Mathieu Assorin (FRA-557) in the lead.

A second attempt was made to continue more races, but the conditions remained unsuitable, and the event was called off for the day.