Cyril Moussilmani (FRA, Fanatic, North) and Valerie Ghibaudo (FRA, Loft Sails) take the victory of the 2008 ISWC World Cup Ranking. The Board Manufacturers Ranking is won by Starboard, in the Sail Manufacturers category North Sails takes the crown. The most successful nation in 2008 was again France. [more]

After 12 events, three of them categorized as continental or world championship grade, the actual ISWC world ranking incorporates a total of 394 sailors from 22 nations, representing 3 continents.

With four events sailed, Cyril Moussilmani was able to defeat Ben van der Steen (NED) and reigning world champion Antoine Albeau (FRA, Starboard). In the ladies division, Valerie Ghibaudo discarded the last event of the season in Dungarvan and still took victory over Zara Davis (GBR) and Marion Raisi (FRA).

Starboard was able to win its first constructors title due to the change of European Champion Bjorn Dunkerbeck (SUI, Starboard, Proof, North Sails) from Thommen eralier in the year, Fanatic in second with two sailors in the top five, then T1, benefitting from the points Bjorn collected earlier in the season.

For the fourth time in a row, North takes the crown in the sail manufacturers category, including the ISA contructors titles from the former years. Loft Sails and KA Sails jumped up high in the ranking due to the performances of their top sailors.

The top speedsailing nation 2008 has been France for another time, with Netherlands in second, closely beating Germany in third.

The ISWC world ranking is a “rolling ranking”, which includes the results of every competitor in the past 12 month and reflects the current status of each sailor and brand. With more national events to be included to the world ranking in 2009, the challenge for the 2009 world cup title will become even more thrilling.

Standings after 12 events in 2008:

Mens Category:

1. Cyril Moussilmani (FRA, Fanatic, North) 749.683 points

2. Ben van der Steen (NED), 676.632 points

3. Bjorn Dunkerbeck (SUI, Starboard, Proof, North) 668.569 points

4. Antoine Albeau (FRA, Starboard) 548.261 points

5. Philip Adamidis (GRE, Fanatic) 537.600 points

Womens Category:

1. Valerie Ghibaudo (FRA, Loft Sails), 614.125 points

2. Zara Davis (GBR), 431.875 points

3. Marion Raisi (FRA), 337.083 points

4. Karin Jaggi (SUI, North Sails), 335.000 points

5. Birgit Hoefer (GER), 316.875 points

Board Manufacturers Category:

1. Starboard, 1812.421 points

2. Fanatic, 1687.947 points

3. Thommen, 901.132 points

4. Carbon Art, 844.953 points

5. Exocet, 676.632 points

Sail Manufacturers Category:

1. North Sails, 2226.758 points

2. Loft Sails, 1660.934 points

3. KA Sails, 693.134 points

4. Simmer Sails, 676.632 points

5. Neil Pryde, 548.261 points

Nations Category:

1. France, 2447.227 points

2. Netherlands, 1612.719 points

3. Germany, 1509.458 points

4. Switzerland, 1377.090 points

5. Greece, 1063.119 points