Coming up in July, the IFCA Pro Kids Junior and Youth Freestyle World Championship.  Preparations on site are well ahead and on-line entry is open   [more]Check out the Notice of Race and go to the Event Website for more information.

A few words from the Organiser:  We have been organizing many events on the Brouwersdam like for example “Pro Kids Netherlands” and Summer Jam, a water sports day introducing sailing, windsurfing, waterjump, fashion show and much more to the everyone who’s interested in being busy on or by the water!  The spot is called Zeil- & Surfcentrum Brouwersdam, positioned at the Grevelingen lake. It has grown into one of most ideal locations to learn and practice water sports since 1993. 

Starboard Pro-Kids 2009 saw spectular action.  Following that, the International Funboard Class Association (IFCA) approved the first stop of the newly created EFPKT to start here in Holland in May 2010! For kids it is so much more fun to start with competition. They can check what their level is, meet new friends and check out the latest tricks among the young ones. Freestyle is also a great opportunity for days with lighter winds.We may surely expect lots of fun! Fun! Fun and loads of spectacular tricks. And if the wind would drop down, no worries at all we have plenty of activities for the kids. 

Light winds blew on the first day of the EFPKT event last May. While the riders were waiting for the winds they took part in activities which included a body slide contest and a SUP race!

Come to the Brouwersdam and join our event and never forget: Taking part is the most important thing

Belgian Steven van Broeckhoven top PWA freestyler (who just won 2011 PWA Podersfdorf) spent formative years training and competing at Brouwersdam.

“Every day is different as I want to go windsurfing. I travel a lot and every place is different. When I’m at home I check the wind conditions and for how many days it will blow. Than I drive to my homespot, the Brouwersdam in Holland to train together with Davy Scheffers. I stay there until the wind stops . . .”

“The windsurfing scene in Belgium is rather small. There are very cool events and freestyle events, but less wind and less competitors than in Holland. In Holland you find more spots too. That’s why my homespot is in Holland.” 

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Davy Sheffers started with the PWA in 2009, this year has gained 3rd place Surf World Cup Podersdorf and 7th place Vietnam PWA Freestyle