Just three days left to claim your 20 euro discount off your entry to the Raceboard Europeans. This event will take place from 8th to 12th June, hosted by the SPLL Finnish Boardsailing Association and Yyteri Surfcenter. [more]

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The organisers have hosted several national and international competitions in all windsurfing classes – and look forward to welcoming the International Raceboard class members.

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The home of the Finnish Boardsailing Association is located in the beautiful Gulf of Yyteri, located very close to the city of Pori on the west coast, 250km from Helsinki and 150km from Turku.

Yyteribeach, one of Finland’s most beautiful sandy beaches, is about 4 km long, with shallow water and a sandy bottom. The best wind directions for Yyteribeach are from south-southwest to west-northwest (155°-295°). The ultimate best would be the west wind, which gathers surfers from many parts of Finland.

Near Yyteri Surfcenter you will find both accommodation and food services. Just beside there lies Yyteri Spa Hotel and Yyteri Camping. In Yyteri area you find lot of other activities like golf, volley ball, riding, cycling.

More information on Yyteri:  http://www.yyteri.fi/ .

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