The 2012 season of the Formula Experience One Design class started very well in Brasil. The first stop of the national circuit was in Sao Paulo, organized by Tempo Wind Clube and with many states from Brazil represented.[more]

The wind forecast was not properly exciting but it blew enough for four extremely disputed races in three days event. Actually the championship was decided only at the end of the final leg of the last race, when no less than 4 competitors could win. From the 1st place to the 4th place, a gap of only 2 points. In the end, Leonardo Venturini, 16 years old, won his first event in Open division and will be the man to be beaten on the rest of the season. Fernando Bocciarelli and Fernando Pasqualin completed the podium in Sao Paulo.

For the first time the Sport division was disputed as an official fleet at the Brazilian circuit. The sailors at the Start division start together with the Open fleet but making just one lap at the course. The results were great with intense competition between the sailors just like on the Open division. Yago Guthier finished in first, followed by Kasuo Myiake and Márcio Perdigao. The top 3 ranked sailors at the end of the season shall race in Open division on next season.

When the wind was not blowing, the sailors could be entertained with plenty of activities, including a very fun wakeboarding contest that revealed some talented “motorized sailors” in the Guarapiranga dam. Out of the water, the engines remained running at the already traditional “FEOD Kart Racing”. This time, at Interlagos Kart track, the Gran Master Almyr Barros defeated all the fleet finishing in 1st place.

There are other 4 events until the end of the ’12 FEOD Brazilian Circuit:

– Brasilia: August (non ranked event)

– Salvador: October (South American Championships, Brazilian ranking level 1)

– Florianopolis: November (Brazilian Championships, Brazilian ranking level 2)

– Arraial do Cab December (non ranked event)